1. Register holder

Flowi design, VAT number FI22804755, Finninmäenkatu 41 a 7, 33710 Tampere, Finland

2. Contact information for the register holder

Flowi design, Finninmäenkatu 41 a 7, 33710 Tampere, Finland

info [at] flowidesign.fi

3. Register's name

Flowi design's register

4. Information we collect on our own behalf

Justifications on collecting personal information in a register are
- Persons agreement
- a deal between Kohde fabrics and registered person
- Lawful right of the register holder.

Information can be used for
-Maintaining relationship
-Delivery, processing and archive
-Analytics and statistics
-Personalized, targeted content and marketing
-Preventing abuse
-Different studies performed to improve our products or website

5. Content of the register

Information that will be stored in the register:

-Basic information of the customer such as name, birthday, gender, address, IP, phonenumber and e-mail.
-Bank account number for returns.
-Account name or another personalizing ID.
-Information about clients orders, deliveries, returns, reclamations and warranty.
-Information about custromer service situations and feedback.
-Permits and refusals for direct marketing.
-Other information gathered with the permission of a client.
-Change of any information described earlier.

-We can collect information for example statistics of search engine behavior, visiting times and browsed products for analytical purposes.

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We store the information as long as it's necessary based on the use of the information. We evaluate the necessity of the information regularly. When the information is no longer needed, it will be removed in a reasonable time.

6. Normal sources of information

The information saved in our register are collected for example from forms on our website, e-mails, phone conversations, social media, contracts, client meetings and other situations, where client admits information with his or hers permission.

7. Regular release and transfer of information outside EU or ETA-regions.

Information can be released for third party companies for our company's delivery and marketing purposes. Information can also be transferred outside EU and ETA-region. We will not release, rent or sell information to third party companies to other companies direct marketing purposes.

Information can be released for:

-Analytics- and statistics partners
-Marketing partners
-Transaction broker
-Invoice operator
-Collection agency

High level of information security is taken care of in every case when information is being transferred of handled.

8. Information security principles of register

Handling of register is done with care, and information that is handled with information system is appropriately secured. When information is stored in a server, server's physical and digital information security is properly tended. Our web service provider has committed to a high level of information security. The company has an information security system based on ISO 27001, ISO 27002 and ISO 27005. Register holder will look after that the information being stored will be handled with confidentially, and only by essential employees.

9. Inspection-, correction- and refusal-right

Every individual in the register has the right to check the information about them in the register, and demand a correction or removal of their information. A reguest must be sent in written via email to info [at] flowidesign.fi if one want's to check the information being stored about them or demand a correction. Register holder can ask for an identification in such cases.

10. Changes in the privacy policy

The register holder can update the privacy policy. The latest version is presented always on this website.

Latest update 31st of July 2019