The basic idea for my enterprise was to create simple clothes which would be pretentious, durable and comfortable to wear. But how was Flowi Design founded? It was born from an amateur seamstress' passion for a beautiful projection and the problem for finding suitable fabrics for her own taste. Even though it was easy to make beautiful clothes for children and suitable fabrics were available, the situation was not the same for adults. I also adored asymmetric , large patterns which wouldn't repeat no a fabric.

My long time dream for my own fabric shop grew day by day. When suitable fabrics were nowhere to be found, I started really to consider the possibility of designing my own fabrics. By trial and error my own designs started to arise. Burning desire to create something new and beautiful kept me going.

During one fall evening I understood I could associate a simple pattern for my fabrics. A pattern which would be designed for a beautiful projection on my fabrics, but could also be applied to any other fabric as well. I took the design a little further, and was determined to take different types of figures into account. Small details like the use of waste pieces were also on my mind.

The manufacturing of my fabrics is done in Portugal with high quality and sustainability. The manufacturer has an Öko-Tex 100-certificate, which means their fabrics are safe to use and no harmful pesticide, heavy metals or formaldehydes are being used. They also use GOTS-certified organic cotton on their strings to save important natural resources.


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Ota kuoseistamme kaikki irti!

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