Worlds easiest hairband

Here's a tip for using the excess bits of fabrics. With our "Worlds easiest hairband" tutorial you are able to make yourself a hairband without any stiches!

Ruusukepanta - Vaihe 1
Worlds easiest hairband - Phase 1

Phase 1: Cut a rectangle shaped piece of fabric, which is approximately 10cm longer than the diameter of your head. Length of the fabric in pictures is approximately 65cm. Cut also a small string of fabric.

Ruusukepanta - Vaihe 2
Worlds easiest hairband - Phase 2

Phase 2: Width of the fabric determines the size of the hairband. Width of the fabric in pictures is approximately 32cm.

Ruusukepanta - Vaihe 3
Worlds easiest hairband - Phase 3

Phase 3: Turn the adverse side up and fold the edges towards center.

Ruusukepanta - Vaihe 4
Worlds easiest hairband - Phase 4

Phase 4: Crincle the fabric between your fingers and fold it in half.

Ruusukepanta - Vaihe 5
Worlds easiest hairband - Phase 5

Phase 5: Crinkle also the other side.

Ruusukepanta - Vaihe 6
Worlds easiest hairband - Phase 6

Phase 6: Tie the ends together with the string you cut in phase 1.

Phase 7: Try on for having the correct size and tie a knot. After that tie another knot and turn the ends of fabric under the bow. Fabrics used in pictures are Krysse and Inka .

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